Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Quilt Raffle Winner

And the winner is...

But first, we thank each and every one of you who helped with this fundraiser.  Altogether, we raised $893 for his trip to London!  $893!!!  That's amazing!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  You have been a tremendous part of helping him achieve this goal.

A great big thank you to Chief Ron Harrison of the Cleveland, TN Fire Department for being willing to pull the winning ticket.  

Congratulations to Michelle Dillon, who purchased 25 tickets, for winning this raffle!

We know you will enjoy and treasure your new quilt!

With many heartfelt thanks,
Kristi and Charlene


  1. Congratulations to Michelle! I am so jealous.

  2. Wow. Beautiful quilt and impressive "auntie" support. Your nephew and family are so fortunate to have you. I love your blog!

  3. This is a lovely quilt and you have such a good heart for making it for this event to raise money! I hope it's an awesome trip!