Saturday, October 01, 2016

A Quilt Raffle For My Nephew's Big Fabulous Trip!


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This is the part where I get to brag about my nephew... 

So, last year, my number two (heh...get it?  "Number Two" which is also code for poo...?) Anyway...last year my Turd Burglar nephew worked really hard and earned the Junior Drum Major  position in his high school marching band. 

I remember how nervous he was when it was time for the try-outs and I also remember telling him that if he went out there and gave it everything he had, he'd have nothing to worry about.  Well, being the extra-super smart auntie, I was right. 

 He went to his first drum major camp that summer where he and his fellow drum majorette earned several awards, one of which was the London Award.

  This is a prestigious award given to only four senior drum majors in attendance at the camp, and is basically like the MVP award.  He told me when he finished camp that year that it was his goal to win it himself for his senior year.  Well, guess what?  He totally did it.  I promised him that I would do whatever I could to help him raise the money for his trip.  So, my mom came up with the absolutely brilliant idea to have a quilt raffle.   

Holy cow there was a lot of cutting:

And a lot of little bits to sew:

But, before too long, I had a pretty pile of finished blocks:

Which means that not long after that, I had a finished quilt top:

I packed it up and took off to Mom's place to get it quilted:

Then brought it back home to do the binding.  Once attached by machine, I turned it to the back and stitched it on by hand.  All 242" of it.  (I still have a callous to show for it.)

And now here we are today.  It's ready to go home to one lucky raffle ticket winner.  Interested?  Here's the scoop:

*Tickets are $1 each
*6 for $5
*12 for $10
*25 for $20
*60 for $50
*125 for $100

*Open to buyers worldwide, but if an outside the U.S.A. buyer wins, they must pay the shipping.  By purchasing a ticket, you are agreeing to these terms.

*Quilt has been professionally cut, assembled and bound by myself.

*It has been professionally long-arm quilted by Charlene Trieloff, owner of The Cotton Farm Fabrics.

*Quilt is machine wash and dry!
*100% cotton fabrics, thread and batting.

When we reach our first goal of $1000, we will have a surprise giveaway for one of our ticket purchasers. Your name will be added for each ticket you buy.  For example, if you purchase 12 tickets, your name will be entered 12 times.

Ready to purchase a ticket or twelve?  Hooray!  The PayPal button is at the top of the blog, the first widget/gadget/button thingy on the right.

Thank you, thank you, thank you from me, Mom and the Turd Burglar ;)

 Size 60 1/2" x 60 1/2"  
Note : This raffle is open worldwide but 
the winner pays shipping if it ships outside the USA.


What is the London Award?  It's pretty cool, and I'm a little jealous.  Ok, I'm a lot jealous!  I've ALWAYS wanted to of to England!  Basically, he worked so hard and did such a fantastic job that he gets to go to London, England to represent the United States and perform in their annual New Year's Day Parade. Not only does he get to be in the INTERNATIONALLY TELEVISED (whaaaaaaat??) parade, but he also gets to watch other performances and then go sight-seeing.  Wow.  His trip is December 26-January 2 and I know he's going to have the most amazing, life-altering, wonderful time.  I'm really proud of him!  

Thank you for supporting our Little Turd and his Big Accomplishment!

Best of luck in the drawing!