Saturday, March 19, 2016

In Progress: Espadrilles

I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to get to these! Wait, no. That's not exactly true, I know exactly why it's taken me so long, I've been SO DARN BUSY making dolls, teaching, working, sewing bags and quilts, learning new computer programs and being a mom, wife and responsible pet owner. Dritz Sewing Company was kind enough to send a package of their (at the time) yet to be released espadrilles with all the necessary supplies to make them. 

For some reason, I just had it in my head that these were going to be way more complicated than I had time for. Was I ever wrong! 

I used leftover scraps from Roo's Clara Top (by Violette Field Threads, of course), remember it?

I had a little time to start the project at work one day. In about an hour and a half, I had my pieces cut, pressed, interfaced and stitched.

After work, I sat down for about 15 minutes and put them together.

All I have left is the hand stitching.

Aren't they the coolest so far?! Who knew you could make shoes? 

I'll post a new picture when they're totally finished. I'll be teaching this class at Sew Main Street in Woodstock, GA so stay tuned for that info!

Happy sewing!

PS the funny thing is these shoes are two sizes too big for Roo, but so is that top. By the time she can fit one, maybe she'll fit the other, too!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

A New Dress For Roo!

Well, she wore it! The dress was a success!

Pattern: Maisie by Violette Field Threads 
Fabric: Crazy Love by Jennifer Paganelli 
Fit: Accurate. I cut a size 7, she wears a 6, it was a little big. 
Notes for Next Time: try it using knit fabric, no zipper, make a size 6. Add pockets, make sleeveless? 
Social Media: #maisiedress #violettefieldthreads @violettefieldthreads

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Real Quick: a little sewing tip

I just finished sewing my first "Maisie" dress by Violette Field Threads a few minutes ago. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out! I'm anxious to see if my daughter will actually wear it for St. Patrick's Day tomorrow or not. She says she will, that she has to wear green, so we will see, won't we?

I made it using one of my most favorite fabrics, Crazy Love my Jennifer Paganelli for Free Spirit Fabrics:

Isn't that pretty? I thought I would pass along a little trick of mine, in case you found it useful in your future sewing endeavors. 

You know when a pattern says "Trim seam allowance in half; clip curves"? Well, that whole curve clipping part is really a thorn in my side. I know it's necessary in order to make the garment curve and lay flat, but geez! It takes forever and it's tedious! 

Aha! What about pinking shears? Oh yes, my friends, pinking shears. You can trim that seam allowance AND clip your notches all at the same time! Check it out:

How about we look a little closer?

I'm about 1/8" away from the seam line. Can you see that?

And how does it look when it's turned right side out and pressed? Won't it be puckery? Allow me:

Perfect! I highly recommend owning a pair of pinking shears. They're an essential part of a sewing kit!

And now, the finished dress:

Do you have a favorite sewing trick? Let's hear it in the comments below! Happy sewing!