Saturday, August 22, 2015

Round Four Deals, Discounts & Info

Is it safe to come out yet?  Has the dust settled?
We did it!  We broke our Round Three record!  The official count after taking out duplicates and fixing applications that didn't get counted is 1008.  Can you believe that??  Hooray for us!

{shamelessly swiped from @ailishl on Instagram}

So now that everyone has been matched up, I thought I'd sit down and give you some things to keep in mind while participating.  Plus, I have some pretty great deals from some community favorites.  This is a long post, so go grab yourself a cup of coffee and a donut or two (coconut for me, please!)  Ok, you ready?  Here goes!

  • Ship dates START November 2 for International and November 9 for Domestic.  DO NOT SEND BEFORE THESE DATES!  This swap is meant to encourage community development.  Sending on these dates means more involvement in the group.  Plus, it's just fun to watch the progress of the mini's and guess which one will be yours.  Half the fun is being surprised when your package is delivered!  Keep the surprise going for everyone and wait to ship at the specified time.
  • Private is not a requirement that people mark their accounts public during this swap.  If you have a private account, you might consider making it public for a couple of weeks-OR-accepting new follow requests if you get them.  If you're not interested in making it public, which is perfectly acceptable, please contact your Mod so she can give your maker an alternate way to find out what you like.  Maybe you have a Pinterest account?  Maybe you made a mosaic that she can email to your maker?
  • If your partner is private, contact the mod and ask if she can send out an email asking some members of her group to follow your person.  If your person gets more than one follow request, she still won't know who is making for her.
  • There is no hashtag for moderators.  No teams or smaller groups within the large group.  You could be assigned to anyone in the swap!
  • It is a REQUIREMENT that you check in with your Mod at least three times.  Checking in means tagging her on your photo through Instagram.  When you tag your Moderator this way, the photo is then saved in her tagged photo file under her profile.  This is the best and easiest way for her to keep track of her group. 
  • Please answer all correspondence from your mod whether it's email, IG etc. Failing to do so will make her worry!  Mods have been instructed to have your maker wait to ship your package until you communicate.  PLEASE COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR MOD!
  • EXTRAS ARE NOT REQUIRED!!! Please don't feel obligated to go nuts, keep it down to a dull roar I promise it'll be fine!  Don't feel bad if you don't send or receive a bunch of extras.  A handwritten card is just as nice.
  • Mosaics are also not required.  You may make one if you like, but it's up to you.
  • Please let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to make your commitment.  We have angels ready to go.  We understand, stuff happens and sometimes you just can't finish.  We will only be upset if you don't tell us and someone is left empty-handed. 
  • your person his allergic to cats. My gut feeling is that if they were so severely allergic to something like a few cat hairs or dander bits, they wouldn't risk it by signing up to have some random unknown make something for them.  My advice is to prewash your fabric before starting.  Stick it all in a sealable plastic bag or lidded container to keep it away from the allergen.  Wipe down all work surfaces every time before you work on the project and then store it back in it's container when you're not working on it.  As soon as the project is finished, seal it all back up and get it ready to send.  It is simply too much work to reassign everyone a new partner; it effects the whole group because of the shuffling around and amount of people with allergies.
  • That being said, if you're the one with the allergies and the above advice will send you into an attack, please let your Mod know what should be done-whether it's assign you a new maker or something else. Thanks!
  • Don't forget to use our three hashtags for all swap-related posts.  Using a hashtag makes it easy for other swap members to discover you.  Make a quilt, make a friend, right? Hashtags are: #schnitzelandboominiquiltswap #makeaquiltmakeafriend #quiltersofawesome 
  • Bullying, bashing, hatred and negativity will not be tolerated!  (If you experience any of this, notify your Mod immediately so we can handle the problem!) 
  • Please be kind and remember that everyone has different tastes, styles and fabric.  No one has the same stash.  There are all levels of skill in this swap.  Be encouraging and helpful, respectful and polite.  Build each other up, this is what it's all about.
If you have any questions or concerns, please let your Mod know.  If she doesn't have the answer, she will get in touch with me.

And now on to the Deals and Discounts!
Thank you so much to the following companies for being so gosh darn awesome and sponsoring our swap.  Don't forget to share the sponsor love when posting on social media! Click on the company names in their captions to be taken directly to their website or link.
{Simply Solids 15% off with SB4 through 9/30/15}


{The Southern Bobbin: 25% off current stock with code: AWESOME}

{The Fabric Fox: 15% off with code: SCHNITZELANDBOO}

{Gotham Quilts: 15% off through September 30, 2015 with code: QofA4}

{Pink Castle Fabrics: 10% off with code QofA10}

{Our Cup Of Joe: $12 color customizable coffee mugs-add $4 for glitter...GLITTER!}
{Pink Door Fabrics: 20% off with code MINIQUILTSWAP through 10/15/15}
{Stash Fabrics: 10% off with code IAMAQOA through 9/20/15}

{Amora Lovely: 15% off with code SCHNITZELBOO through 8/30/15}
{Whimsy Quilts & Fabrics 20% through 10/01/15}

{Mariner's Compass: 25% off with code "holyschnitz" code ever!}

{The Cotton Farm Fabrics: 15% off ALL quilting & embroidery!}

Isn't that incredible?  We have something for everyone! Thank you to all of our sponsors for giving our QofA's some fantastic and very generous deals.  
(PS. The quilting and embroidery!!!!!  TAKE ADVANTAGE NOW!)
Lastly, most of you know how much my pets mean to me and what a softie I am for animals.  One of the goals of my career is to be able to open an animal rescue for misplaced, mistreated, unwanted, homeless animals.  It has been suggested to me that I charge people to participate in this swap, but for me it's not about making money.  This swap is all about making friendships and building community; breaking down walls and getting to know each other.  I am not interested in making a single cent off of any of you.  I am interested, however, in helping others.

So, here is my proposal:
Let's really make this a swap of love and generosity.  If you're up for it, maybe you'll consider making a donation in your person's name.  You can choose your favorite shelter or organization, donate anonymously or tell the world, give $1 or $100.  It is entirely up to you and absolutely not required.  I just thought this would be a good way to come together as a community and help the ones without a voice or a hope. 
{meet Nelson, our rescued Hound blend}
{Nelson: Day One at Home. More about this sweet boy later}

Here is a list of shelters, rescues and charities that I love.  Donations are completely optional, and there is no pressure whatsoever to do it.  I just thought it would be a nice way for one community of friends to help another.  Take a look, if you have one that you love, leave their information in the comments for everyone to see.  Thanks!
The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Special Needs Animal Rescue &Rehab

Last Chance Animal Rescue

Charleston Animal Society

Husker's Hope Dachshund Rescue

 Here's to the best swap yet!  Have a great time!

Happy Swapping!


  1. I think you might have the international and domestic shipping dates mixed up here?

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    1. Me too! He's so sweet and unassuming and goofy.