Saturday, November 15, 2014

Organizing, wow.

I have a confession...I'm terribly unorganized. I can basically keep my house clean (not organized) with the exception of my bedroom. I will always close the door on that room. Always. What a pig sty!

My sewing room is another story. I have friends over all the time that come to sew with me. I can't keep it messy or they'd stop visiting. So what do I do? Shove everything in the closet or the shelf, of course!

{that ain't pretty}

Well, lucky me, I was asked to try out a new product by Polar Notions/Paper Pieces.

The perfect opportunity to tackle at least one of my problem areas! I was both excited to try these out and terrified at the same time. Excited because I could straighten out that shelf and make it pretty! Terrified because well, I had to straighten out that shelf and make it pretty! Haha

Want some close ups? Sure you do. Check this out...

That's just downright frightening!
I mean, seriously, how does one find anything in there??

That iron doesn't even work, you know. Shameful...

Well, so I pulled everything off the shelves, threw out the trash and nonsense, found some stuff that I'd been missing for quite some time (oh hello, unopened bag of Skittles and hello, cute little sewing machine print that I thought was lost forever!) and put some bins to good use, rather than have them sit empty or unorganized.

The result?
Much better, huh?

The best part was being able to fold up a stack of fabric and display it up there on
The top shelf. How about a better shot:

Isn't that fun? They were so easy to use. I went on YouTube and searched "Polar Notions" for directions. In no time I had a neat little stack of GeoFabulous on mini bolts.

These bolts can hold up to 15 yards of fabric and be only 3" wide, how cool is that?? I don't actually have 15 yards of anything, but if I did I would definitely roll it around one of these little magical bolts. That's so much easier and nicer than wadding it up and stuffing it wherever it'll fit!

{info so you can grab a set or two}

I wish I had about 5 dozen more of these! My shelves would look even prettier!

Oh! Before I go, I should tell you that Paper Pieces is offering all Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap participants a 20% discount on your entire shopping cart until February 1, 2015. Use the information below to get your savings.
Happy organizing!

PS Stay tuned for information on how to win a set of your own!


  1. I wish my stash were so easily tamed. No matter how neatly it was organized it would never fit in one closet! Let's try an entire bedroom. Thanks for sharing. I am going to give these boards a try.

  2. its always fun to find things you thought were lost ! thanks for organising such a great discount :)

  3. Thank you for the coupon code to paper piecers! I just ordered a 10 pack of the fabric organizers (for smaller than 1 yrd since most of my cuts are 1/2-yard-ish. AND I ordered some hexagon templates for my mini quilt! I can't wait to get them and get started on the mini quilt for my partner.

  4. those fabric inlays are pretty cool. My fabrics share a shelf with my books so it would be cool for the fabrics to blend right in if I'd store them this way!

    Kristi, I was wondering whether you sent out an email to your #MofAKristi group members, because I didn't get one...