Monday, September 15, 2014

Tutorial: Triple Ruffled Dish Towel

A few days ago, I showed you an easy way to trim a dish towel, making it gift-worthy. Tonight, I'm going to explain how to make this (equally simple) Triple Ruffled Dish Towel.

I was supposed to post this the day after the first tutorial, but I have been under the wire trying to get the instructions finished for my first Rebel Craft Media published pattern, The Betsy Travel Bag. My fingers are still buzzing from the two-fingered typing of that project (I closed the lid on the laptop and immediately picked up my phone and opened the Blogger app!) but I didn't want to delay any further. 

So, we go!

{Clementine by Blend Fabrics}

You will need:
-two 3"xWOF (width of fold) strips of three different fabrics for a total of six strips. 
-one dish towel of your choice (I prefer the flour sack towels, available at Target)
-grid ruler
-fabric marking pen

*please keep in mind that this tutorial and fabric strip measurements are based on the 30"x32" flour sack towel. You might have to adjust the length of your strips for a smaller towel.*

Draw three parallel lines at the bottom of the towel at every 2".

Start by stitching the ends of the strips together; press seams open.

Using a grid ruler, measure and mark 1" up from bottom edge down the length of the wrong side of each strip.

Fold raw edge to meet the line; press.

Edgestitch hems in place.

It's kinda neat looking all piled up:

Now, change your stitch length to the longest one your machine has. From
The right side of the fabric, stitch a line 1/4" away from top edge.

Leave the thread tails long on both ends. You will need these to gather the fabric!

Pin the center of the bottom strip to the center of the bottom line on the towel. Pin the ends of the strip to the sides of the towel.

Very carefully pull the bobbin threads to gather along the stitching line. You're going to ruffle one half at a time. Adjust the fullness by sliding and bunching along the thread. Once your ruffle is the same length as the half if towel that you're working on, pin it in place. Now you can start ruffling the other half.

Top stitch along the gathering line. Repeat for middle and top ruffles.

Voila! A pretty cute dish towel! They'll think you got it at Anthropologie.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. This ruffled dishtowel would make a cute sundress. You could put ruffles at the top & bottom or all over it. How cute would that be!