Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tutorial: Simple Appliquéd Dish Towel

Seems I'm a bit behind (again!) so here I am; I just sat down after sewing a new doll for Roo:

{Percy! Pattern coming to Rebel Craft Media soon, yay!}

I have some "spare time" (AHAHAHAHAAAAAA who am I kidding?) so I'm giving you the last installment of The Dish Towel Series. This time it's for a really easy mixing bowl appliquéd towel with no printable template required. You get to make your own!

Start off with a clean, dry, freshly pressed towel. Here we go:

 Choose three fabrics that coordinate, press them and set aside with the towel.

You will need three pieces of computer paper, a grid ruler, pencil, Pellon Wonder Under (a paper backed fusible web), thread and the usual iron/ironing board/sewing machine.

To make the appliqué, fold the 11" side of paper in half so they're 8 1/2"x5 1/2". 

Using the photo above as a guide, draw the bowls. For example, for the largest bowl, measure 5" across the top, 5" down at the fold and 3 1/2" across the bottom of the page. From that point, measure up 3/8" and draw a line. Draw a 3/8" line down from the top of the bowl, 1/4" in and then blend towards the bottom. 

Cut the bowl patterns out.
{it's already cute and it's only paper!}

To attach Wonder-Under:
1-place the wrong side of the fabric against the rough side of Wonder-Under. Using a hot dry iron, press the fabric for 5-8 seconds. Allow to cool, then trace one of the bowls onto the paper, then cut. Peel off the paper backing and stick appliqué into place:

Starting about 2 1/2" up from bottom of towel, arrange the bowls to your liking:

Press into place.

Edgestitch each bowl using a coordinating thread.

I like to go over the stitching line a few times for durability and to make the rough-edge appliqué look more purposeful.

And that's it! One final press and you're done! 

Happy Sewing!

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  1. May I ask why do you choose to trace your shape onto the wonder under after fusing it? I usually trace the sharpe, rough cut the shape out and then fuse. That way I can use the other fabric for appliqué, piecing etc.