Friday, September 05, 2014

Seriously awesome news!

Things have been busy (what else is new, huh?) Since we last talked, I have finished a quilt:

{pretty awesome, right?}

Made a whole lotta potty mouth pouches:

Visited the Chattanooga Aquarium:

Made a wooden spoon puppet in my likeness (go ahead and laugh):

Was featured in the first issue of Make Modern Magazine:

Had my daughter's hair cut:

Received a shipment of Mollie Makes books for review and giveaway (stay tuned!):

And signed a publishing contract:

For this bag pattern:

Rebel Craft Media is about to turn the crafty world upside down and I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to be a part of it. You can play a part in it too. Intrigued? RCM is looking for pattern testers! Check it out:

"Interested in becoming a pattern tester for Rebel Craft Media? RCM is looking for crafty folks to test brand new, pre-release patterns - everything from quilts and bags to jewelry and paper crafts. Sign up through the link below if interested, and please share with your pals—the more the merrier!

A lot of you have expressed an interest in testing my Betsy Travel Bag. Here's your chance! Click or copy and paste the link to send over your information. Pretty easy stuff. 

Who's excited? (Me! Me!)

That's a heck of a lot of awesome stuff, right? And there's still more to come. Stuff that I know about but you don't yet. It's a secret for now. I'm on Cloud 9 with all of my favorite people! (That's you guys!)

Happy living!

PS and this too, I almost forgot:


  1. My, my you've been busy cussing and creating, among other things.

  2. Wow! Congrats on your publishing contract. Good for you! :)

  3. Love the tutorial! Thanks for sharing! We were just at the Chattanooga Aquarium too....such a fun place! We enjoyed a mid-week visit with very little crowd and wonderful sunshine to splash in the fountains! :)

  4. Where did you get the Red Sox pattern?!