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Meet the Quilter: Quilt Story Meg!

Every once in awhile I like to feature one of my favorite quilters. Tonight, I have an interview and eye candy from someone I have long admired. Megan of Quilt Story Meg. She is one of the most talented, inspiring sewists in our community. Every single picture on her Instagram feed is beautiful, her quilts are gorgeous, her garments are flawless and what about the lady herself? She's all that and more. She's a full package deal. I wanted you to get to know her a little better so I asked her a few questions. She was kind enough to answer them and send along an introduction. 



I'm Megan, I'm a stay-at-home mom of three, 2 sons and a daughter.  Last year we moved across country to Northern Virginia while my husband completes his Family Medicine Residency in Washington DC.  I write a blog with my sister Heather ( and we write patterns by the same name, Quilt Story. On our blog we feature other quilters finished quilts, our own projects & tutorials and a linky party every Tuesday!

1. How long have you been sewing?
-I sewed my first project at about 8 (a quillow!) and sewed various things throughout high school, a quilt for a school project, decor for my room, PJ pants.  I learned how to quilt at 24 before I had my first son.  I guess I've been at it most my life, my poor math skills calculate that at 23 years!

2. Who taught you?
-I grew-up with my mom making all my clothes and I loved it!  She taught me how to sew and my aunt (her sister) taught me how to quilt.

3. What is the coolest sewing project that you've been a part of?
-I'm happy to have been asked to collaborate in a couple of books and another coming out Spring 2015.  Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe and Sweet Celebrations.  But the project that has meant so much to me was helping to create 10 memory quilts a little more than a year ago.  My oldest sister Amy's husband passed away suddenly in the Fall 2012.  They had 10 children together.  My mom, sister (Heather), my aunt and I all collaborated together to make them for the kids.  He was a school teacher and we had a lot of dress shirts to work with.  It's been such a hard and sad situation, being able to create something meaningful is healing for everyone.

4. What is your proudest sewing accomplishment?
-Currently I've been decorating my daughter's room...and I think for me creating things for my home and people I love is my favorite.  Plus I get to see it all the time and impress myself that I made it, lol! When I had my daughter I jumped right into sewing clothing.  Actually the night I found out I was having a girl I had cut out two dresses! :)  This spring I made her a dress from a real pattern with no help from my mom (okay I called her).  I was pretty proud! 

5. Who are your sewing/quilting heroes and why?
-Hmmm when I first started blogging and found the online community I was very drawn to Crazy Mom Quilts, Oh Frannson and Cluck Cluck Sew.  Since then...there are too many to name!!! :)

6. What's on your sewing bucket list?
-The list is so long!!  I'd love to create a couple of larger duffle type bags for myself, a paper pieced quilt (I've just done blocks), Sew-Together Bag, EPP hexies, challenge myself with children's clothing, and more!! :) 

7. What is your current project?
-My dad passed away last December from a very very short illness.  It has been the hardest thing I've ever faced in my life.  When I finally returned home from my parent's home after 6 weeks I didn't to do anything.  I wanted to lay in my bed all day but with three little kids that wasn't a choice.  Instead I jumped into creative was the only thing I felt I could do.  One of the projects I'm doing is creating a Union Jack quilt made with my dad's shirts and other fabrics.  My dad is from England and it holds a very special place in my heart. 

8. Favorite sewing tip that you want to pass along?
-These aren't groundbreaking...but through my years I've learned the value in measuring twice before cutting :)  Also pin a lot.  Learn your own machine. For example I was having so many tension problems with my machine and ultimately discovered that a popular brand just doesn't work for me!  As soon as I switched it's been smooth sailing!  Lastly there is a lot of importance in pressing!  A strong hot iron (doesn't have to be expensive!) and starch.  I'm a fan of starching my fabrics for quilting.  It allows them to keep their shape without stretching.  Boom.  :)

9. Who is your favorite fabric designer?
Favorites include Sarah Jane, Heather Ross, Joel Dewberry, Kate Spain, Violet Craft, Heather Bailey, Tasha Noel, Leciens, Melody Miller and lots more!!

10. If you could go on a sewing retreat anywhere to learn from and with anyone where would it be, who would teach and who would be there to learn with you?
Ahh!!! I'm just game for being able to attend a retreat and I'd have to have my sister Heather there!!! :)

11. What is something about you and your hobby that most people don't know?
Well sadly I think there are too many people, especially those who know me from Instagram, who don't know we sell quilt patterns!! :)  

To find out more or to follow Megan, and her sister Heather of course, click the links or find her on Instagram.

Instagram @quiltstorymeg

Thank you so much, Megan! 

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  1. Love a good interview with a quilter. It's such a great way to provide insight into their creativity, inspiration and what keeps them motivated. Thanks for sharing!