Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fleetwood Mac? Huh?

No, not the Rumours band. The sewing machine! Let me explain...

My mom is going to a family wedding this weekend and she asked me to watch her dog, Oliver. I LOVE Ollie so of course I said I would. She brought him down on Friday night and stayed over so we could get up and go antiquing on Saturday. 

(Say hello to my li'l friend)

If you've read the silly little "About Me" page, you know that I collect sewing machines. It's something that I've been doing, here and there, since I graduated from high school. I now have 14 machines, half of which are still in our storage unit in Seattle.

Typically, it's only the black machines that I have an eye for, unless there's one that happens to be really spectacular. Like, for example, the one we found at an antique store's "Estate Sale" section where every price is negotiable:

Twenty bucks! What a deal, huh? Don't forget I was with my mom and everything was negotiable. She talked him down to ten dollars. TEN FREAKING DOLLARS! Want a better look? Of course you do!

This machine, aside from the color, is exactly what I sew on now. I have an almost 100 year old Peerless Super Deluxe that I love. It's my every day sewer. 

When I lifted the lid of this machine's cabinet, I fully expected to see a mid-century beige Singer. I was shocked to find a machine in such pristine shape. It looks like a brand new car. (Except from the 50s.) I don't even think it's ever been used. There's not a single scratch on the paint, no marks on the sewing area and the needle plate is as shiny as a mirror.

Isn't it divine?

Mom took it back up to Tennessee with her so my uncle could give it a tune-up and a thorough cleaning. I can hardly stand the wait! I wish they were back from that wedding right now so I could sew on this! 

I posted a picture of it on Instagram and my sister jokingly suggested that I name it "Mack". Right now I have Nina (1941 Singer 99), Mr. Gray (1922 GrayBar), Mr. Belvedere/aka "The Avocado Dream (early 60s Belvedere-Adler), and Dyna the ever-so-bitchin "Jeans Machine" (early 90s White) So, there you have it. Welcome to the family, Fleetwood Mack. 

Happy thrifting!

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