Friday, July 18, 2014

The Drop Dead Gorgeous Betsy Travel Bag

It all started with a little announcement on IG about my then upcoming Cargo Duffle class at Fabricate Studios in Atlanta. 

Come take my class, I said, It'll be cool! I expected comments of the "I wish I lived closer!" variety, but I did not expect this one:

I knew that a trade pretty much had to happen. My friend Elizabeth is so incredibly talented. You know her as Don't Call Me Betsy on the webs, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. she's also an author, pattern designer, Craftsy teacher and all-around awesome person. A trade? As in I would own an Elizabeth Dackson quilt?? Well heck yeah, when do we start??

Apparently the answer to that was "immediately." The very next day, our designated hashtag "#theswapofepicproportions" was under way. I started seeing sneak peeks (because that was the rule. Only sneak peeks allowed, and we had to go off the others likes and favorites) like this one:


The colors! I told her that my favorites are pink, gray, yellow and black. I'm feminine but I have an edgy side, I don't like to conform, I like to be different. Want to see what she made for me? Of course you do!
(my photo above)
Is that not epic??? I mean really? It's gorgeous! Funny, the name of it is Drop Dead Gorgeous. A perfect name!
We each were so inspired by the other that our creations have become sewing patterns. You can buy the pattern for this quilt by hopping on over to E's Big Cartel Shop (

(Her photo above)

I am in awe that I get to own this creation of hers, it is so beautiful. I think owning something made from a pattern that was invented for me feels better than having someone name their baby after me. I really love it, Elizabeth. Thank you!!

Tomorrow I'll show you what I made for her. In the spirit of the epic swap, here's a sneak peek:
Unless, of course, you're on IG with me then maybe you've already seen it? 

Happy swapping!

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  1. epic. I love yalls definition of epic. This will become my definition too! I mean, yall are pretty amazing. :)