Friday, July 11, 2014

My Sewjo Is All Over The Place!

**warning, this post contains expletives**

I got up early today with the goal of finishing the Red Sox themed quilt in mind. I got as far as beginning the layout of the other side when I realized that I was out of Indigo kona and wouldn't be able to finish until I had it. Now that project is on hold until the shipment from arrives. Ugh.

What's a girl to do while she's waiting? Start a new project, of course! One she doesn't have time for! I mean, you've seen The List, right?

Really there's no room to add anything to it, right? But that's exactly what I did! I thought it would be kinda nice to make something fun and fast before getting back to work. Why not make a Potty Mouth Pouch? I had made one for my friend Laura Jane (pictured above, on the right, with me at Camp Stitchalot) and it got a huge response. People loved it! I decided that I would make one-ONE-from my scraps and then move on. Somehow that decision led me to the fabric store for supplies to make TWENTY of them! 

(LJ's pouch, above)

If you're at all interested in a Potty Mouth Pouch, look me up on Instagram or send me an email. I have lots of fabric combinations to choose from:
And will FMQ almost any word or phrase onto it. For example:

Pouches will be large-ish and will be $25+shipping each or 2 for $40+shipping. Proceeds go directly into the Roo School fund so my little one can continue the Montessori education she so dearly loves and thrives on.

Send me an email if you're interested!
Happy Weekend!
Schnitzelboo at yahoo dot com


  1. Lovely pouch design but I must admit I really din't get the attraction of the potty mouth stitching. Each to their own I guess.

  2. I'm glad you spelled it out for me - I thought the first one said SL*T ! funny stuff.

  3. Pouch is beautiful and the quilting is hysterical...perfect combination!

  4. Ha, I am so like you when it comes to getting carried away when I buy supplies. I normally think "wow, these would be great to sell," but usually get distracted by another project and never sell anything.

  5. Oh, and that ice cream fabric is awesome!