Wednesday, July 09, 2014

In Progress and Other Fun Stuff

A few months ago I was asked if I'd be interested in working on a custom baseball themed quilt. My first reaction was "as long as it's not a Yankees quilt!" followed quickly by my second reaction of "OMG I get to make a custom quilt??" Turns out, it's a new baby quilt for a boy born to a Red Sox FANily. Heck yeah!
We decided on a two sided/reversible quilt. I'll keep the second half a surprise for now (unless you follow me on Instagram). Here is the first side in progress, a cheater herringbone half square triangle pattern:

And now finished:
(Say hello, Fenway Frank!)

I shared a tip with my IG friends/followers while working on this quilt. If you decide to recover your ironing board any time soon, or you need to make yourself a pressboard (check Katy Jones/I'm A Ginger Monkey's blog for a little pressboard how-to) consider using flannel instead of regular quilter's cotton.
The flannel helps the fabric "stick" which practically eliminates that whole stretching-on-the-bias-as-you're-ironing thing. Pretty cool, huh?

Let's see...what else? Oh! I am an overachiever and have been assigned TWO Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap Partners! Here is what I made for them:
Do you like? The arrow quilt person has to wait until Friday when I can ship it (yes I'm the swap mama and I just threw myself under the bus. I'm a late sender! A horrible example! I meant it when I said we understand that stuff happens!) The star quilt person is out of town so I'm hanging onto it until they get back.

I joined another swap-don't tell my husband-because my friend Trudi ( told me to. I'd probably jump if she told me to, that's how much I adore her. Whatever ;) We had to make mosaics for our secret partner so this is mine:
Lots of good stuff there, huh? Isn't that sunshine zipper tab the cutest? And the darling little stamps with the envelope blocks? Not to mention the potty mouth embroidery?! >sigh<

Anyway, things are busy as usual around here. I'm chipping away very slowly at my to-do list. My Bee's have been sadly neglected and I haven't made it to a Guild meeting in three or four months. 

What have you been up to?

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Go Sox! My mother in law would hurt me if I didn't throw that in - and they even won last night for a change. :) And I think as long as everyone who signed up gets a mini, no one will mind lateness, especially for such cuteness!