Thursday, May 08, 2014

Pattern Review: Dawn Blossom Mini by Nightingale Quilts

Last month I had the lovely honor of being asked to test a new quilt pattern, the Dawn Blossom Mini, by my friend Caroline Greco of Nightingale Quilts.  
Despite my insanely busy schedule, I said yes.  I couldn't help myself!

I LOVE a good star block, and I love even more an unexpected secondary pattern in a quilt design.  This is one of those patterns.  So, one day when I had a little break in the sewing action, I pulled together some fabric and sat down to work.

Now, having just made a huge move from Seattle to Atlanta only a few months before, I didn't have a whole lot of fabric to choose from.  (Sadly, most of my stash is still in our storage unit in Seattle.) I was pretty happy that this pattern only asked for a background plus five other fabrics.  
That was definitely doable.

The Dawn Blossom pattern is made up of sqaures, rectangles, half-square triangles and flying geese.  The instructions were very easy to understand, were clearly illustrated and not at all confusing. (Which is good because I am, technically, still fairly new to quilting.)

Teeny tiny HST!

Super duper, itty-bitty, teeny tiny HST.
Don't worry, that last HST is just a trimming, but isn't it cute??

There was a lot of cutting and sewing, but that's my favorite part.  I love to get lost in the creation process, it's where I do my best thinking.  I forgot to take a picture of the final layout before I stitched it all together, but here is the end result.  

let's all ignore that one little pink HST stuck out there and waving hello.  he's obnoxious...

I have already put the queen sized Dawn Blossom quilt on my Wish List.  I will make it. I love this pattern so much.  Caroline has several beautiful and unique designs to offer.  I really love her modern-traditional hodgepodge style.  Plus, she's pretty dang funny.  

You can find her on Instagram, Craftsy and on Bloglovin.


  1. This turned out so beautiful! I love seeing how a pattern changes with different fabrics - this one is pretty high up on my "to sew" list too. Love Caroline's pattern and your mini :-)

  2. I love that pattern. Your mini version is just lovely.

  3. I love how this turned out! And I kinda love the little pink HST waving - not obnoxious, just winking ;)

  4. Oh that's cute. especially that ├╝ber tiny HSt. wouldn't it be fun and crazy to do ones similar to that for real?