Monday, December 09, 2013

Update and an Interview

Hey QoA's!
Oh my goodness, let me first apologize that you haven't heard about the prizes yet.  The Big Move has killed my schedule and routine, not to mention my access to the internet (as you know.)  I have to head out to one of the local restaurants to use the WI-FI which isn't always convenient.  So, with that information in mind, and the fact that Christmas is upon us and the move blah, blah, blah...I'm a great big jackass and I feel terrible that you're all still in limbo.  I will be trying my very best to get the info out there in the next few days!  THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE!!  Y'all are Quilter's of Awesome for so many reasons, huh?  

And now on to the interview!  This time it's my friend Kerry, of Kid Giddy.  This is one heck of a fabulously funny, gorgeous lady with a heart of gold.  She has offered up a copy of her book:
 Sewing Tales To Stitch and Love: 18 toy patterns for the storytelling sewist.  I LOVE THIS BOOK.  (check out my book review here)  You may have seen my lobster, Louisa?  If not, you will.  She's due on the blog the next time I'm here.  (Along with my post about my own Mini Quilt from the extremely talented Cat of Hello From Cat, aka the Australian Quilt Goddess, and a few other things that I've been waiting to post.)

Are you ready to meet our final prize giver?  Of course you are!  I think you're going to adore her as much as I do.  Be sure to stop by on Instagram and give her a friendly follow: @kidgiddy.  (Just giving a huge shout out to you all - Kristi is so trusting that she gave me her password so I had to post a big "I love Kristi" in here! I think there should be an ilovekristi club! PS:whoever wins the book will win a few Dritz and Fairfield goodies too) ;) 


1a- when you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? 
Ever since my twin sister and I were little, we always wanted to be a "Mommy". The one book i remember most as a child was The Little Mommy (Golden Book). The little girl with her big blue eyes and blonde hair, looked just like my sister, but I knew I could be a mommy too.

1b- What do you do now that you're grown up?
Now that I am grown up, I am a mommy first. I also design sewing patterns and started doing that when my 2nd daughter was just born. The ideas started flowing and I started making what I could when I wasn't being a mommy, or sleeping. I wasn't very productive, but that came with time as the girls got older. 

2-someone gave you a $10,000 gift card, what store is it for and what do you buy?
I don't know, because I would give it to a family member, friend, or someone else that could benefit from it more than me. I have sufficient for my needs right now, and am always finding ways to give back.

3-what was your first sewing project?
I don't remember the exact first project, but I do remember loving the pre-printed panels of Care Bear and Strawberry shortcake doll pillows. I also still have a little doll outfit that I attempted to make - but couldn't say when it was from. 

4-who taught you how to sew?
My mom taught me to sew, who was taught by her mother. 
5-besides sewing, what are your favorite hobbies?
I am enjoying running again. I love karate and am working on my 2nd Degree Black belt (August '14). I read when I can focus long enough on it to finish it, and would love to pull out my guitar and keep learning how to play it enough to write more songs.
6-sweet or savory?
Both. I'm a sugarholic, but can pass it up if it's savory enough to fill me to the brim.
7-what is in your sewing basket?
I don't have a basket. I have a whole studio full of stuff.
8-how many ufo's are in your closet?
Too many that I have lost track.
9-what's on your sewing bucket list?
2 more book ideas (yes I am that crazy). A certain quilt for a certain mini quilt swap. Lots of thumbcovers for my long awaiting etsy customers, and before all that - my daughters long overdue Gnome doll for her bday almost 1 year ago. (I was out of the best skin colored fabric). 

10-what is your least favorite sewing-related tool and why?
Anything that is new and complicated. I don't like change. At all! So having something that worked really well, and that I knew like the back of my hand is great, until it needs replacing. I don't like having to figure it all out all over again. I like my new sewing machine - but it's frustrating to get to know its little quirks and special features.
11-what do you pack in your travel sewing bag?
My clear mary kay bag is filled with my dritz notions, scraps, threads, beads, buttons and who knows what else. Oh, I also have some scissors, business cards and labels too.
12-do you have any advice for our beginners and/or future sewists?
Start small and work your way up. I started what was supposed to be a "Quilt in a Day" - queen size and it took me 2 years. Then I made a houses and tree block quilt (also queen size) and that took 2 years too. Technically, that means I'm getting quicker when you think about it, but I should've started with a much smaller size. Now I make stuffies that can be done in a day, but not all of them. Work your way up to prevent frustration and procrastination…otherwise, your WIP or UFO's buckets will only get bigger.

-don't forget to introduce yourself/your company too! 

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