Monday, October 07, 2013

Mini Quilt Swap Guidelines

Hello, Quilter's of Awesome (QoA's)!
Want to hear something cool?  Of course you do...

A week into our swapping and our stats look like this:

-We're the number one listing when someone Googles "Mini Quilt Swap" WHAAAT?
-Our Flickr group, as of this moment, has 67 photos and 147 members.
-The hashtag "schnitzelandboominiquiltswap" has 100 posts.
-The hashtag "makeaquiltmakeafriend" has 32 posts.
-We have TWO more pizes to give away for a total of FIVE prizes!
-We found Lisa Nelson (who is one of our new prize givers AWESOME!)

I'm not sure who started the mosaic quilt pictures on the Flickr group, but seriously...WHOA. I am genuinely shocked at how this tiny little idea grew into this big, crazy quilty group of new and old friends.  We have people participating from all skill levels.  We have beginners, professionals, fabric designers, pattern designers, authors, stay at home moms, and even a guy or two.  We have participants in EIGHT different countries.  This is so cool!  Yeah, it was a lot of work for me, but I would do it again in a heartbeat because I am so touched by this community of crafters, sewists and creators.  In fact, I will be doing it again, but probably not until January so we can all get through the holidays. 

You've all seen the bloggy button thingy, right?  If not, check it out, stick it up on your blog, share it with the world!  The post below has the details on it.

Now, how about some guidelines?  

1. Quilts can be as small as 6"x6" and as big as 24"x24".
2. This is a secret swap, give us sneak peeks or even full views, but don't tag your partner!
3. Due dates to have your mini quilt in the mail is Friday, November 15.  This gives you about a month and a half to get through quilt market, finish up your WIP's, clear your cutting table off and stock your shelves.
4. Because the ship-by date is so far off, and this is a secret swap, please make every effort to send your swap between November 8-15 to keep the secret a surprise.  If you need more time, or you are no longer able to participate, PLEASE OH PLEASE let me know!  I won't publicly humiliate you (well shoot, I won't privately do it either!)  and I won't make you feel bad.  I get it, life is busy, things happen.  I want to know so other arrangements can be made for your person.  So pretty please with Auriful thread on top, let me know if something comes up.  Ok?
5. If you haven't already done so, come join the Flickr group to share all of your pictures, gather ideas and meet up with new and current friends.
6. Use the hashtag #schnitzelandboominiquiltswap and #makeaquiltmakeafriend to check out what everyone else is doing. 
7. Feel free to send goodies with your Quilts, if you want.  It is nice, but NOT necessary, so don't feel obligated to do so and don't feel bad if you don't. 
Happy Swapping!

PS Pretend this post was full of lovely, inspiring quilty pictures, k?  I couldn't figure out how to get them off our Flickr group and post here.  Heh...


  1. Thank you for all you're doing!!! Mwah!!!

  2. This is amazing! Ummm I am dumb in the cyber world. Just wanted to know how to get the Blogger button on your page??? Thanks

    1. Hey that's ok! I'm not so good with computer stuff either. I'll try to explain it the best I can. It'll probably make perfect sense since we're in the same boat, right? ;) Ok, so log in to your blog, go to your dashboard (I only know how to do that by clicking on design. There will be a bunch of buttons on the left side, click the one that says "Layout". A new page will open and on the right you'll see "Add a gadget", click on that and that's where you will paste the button mumbo jumbo, which you've copied already, right? So that's pretty much it. I hope that makes sense. Thanks for adding the button! :)

  3. Absolutely love this idea! I'm just a beginning quilter but I hope to practice some and hopefully feel confident enough to participate next go around. I'll be following on IG, ofcourse!

    1. We would love to have you the next time around! It's a friendly and encouraging group, so even if you don't feel confident, we will make you fell comfortable. :)

  4. For all who may want to know how to post pictures from the Flickr group here ya go:
    1. Ask the owner of the picture if you can post it on your blog (probably goes without saying) ;o)
    2. Open the picture you want to post in Flickr.
    3. In the lower right hand corner, there is a little icon that looks like a rectangle with an arrow jumping out of it. If you hover over it, it says "More ways to share". Click on that.
    4. A box will pop up with 4 options, the third being "Grab the HTML/BBCode". Click that one.
    5. Highlight and copy that text (make sure the button below the text is marked HTML Code. I don't know anything about BBCode!)
    6. Back on your blog, paste the HTML code where you want the picture to appear.
    7. In the upper left hand corner (of Blogger, at least) there are two boxes. One says "Compose" and the other says "HTML". I toggle back and forth from Compose to HTML, and then back, and then the picture appears.
    8. Under that, please give credit to the person who posted the picture. :)

    Gosh, I sure hope that makes sense and that it actually works as I've spelled it out! And I hope you don't mind that I hijacked your post, Kristi! :) Hopefully this will be helpful to someone. :)

    1. THANK YOU!!! That was very helpful, I really appreciate the hijack ;)

  5. Replies
    1. Oh, I'm so sorry but yes, it's been closed for this round. I'll be doing it again in January-ish, so be sure to follow the blog here or instagram or join the Flickr group for more information. :)