Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Meet Quilty Box!

We're now about two and a half weeks away from the shipping deadline for the schnitzel & boo Mini Quilt Swap.  As you guys know, we have lots of awesome prizes.  Over the next few weeks (in between my sudden scramble to move across the country and everything involved in that) I'll be introducing you to our prize givers.  

The first prize to be given away is a box of awesome quilty goodies from newcomer Quilty Box.  What is Quilty Box?  Well, keep reading to see for yourself!
1. Please introduce yourself (name, location, family, creative history)
My name is Tabatha and I'm a native South Floridian.  I have red hair and freckles and an unhealthy love of the sun.  I'm a mom to three: DD-5, DS1-4 and DS2-6 months (and no, we are not done).  When people tell me I have my hands full, I say "What better way to have your hands full of than the hands of my children?" My husband is Spaniard and French and well, I'm pretty enamored.  I love creativity, games, the outdoors, and am a HUGE nerd.

Awesome hair pin by Art School Dropout

2. Where did the idea for "Quilty Box" come from?
I used to work in Corporate America, putting my MBA to use in various areas of strategy and business analysis, but left to become a stay-at-home mom, and that has been most rewarding for me.  As a busy mom, I sometimes felt I couldn't quite get the spark of creativity to sync up with my family's schedule.  My husband receives a monthly box containing "gamer" items that my family loves to receive each month.  I started thinking about how I could combine my love of quilting, and leverage this unique medium to reach out to the quilting obsessed and curious.  I didn't want to send a box with a project in it.  I wanted to send a box of inspiration.  Something appealing to all levels of quilters, with the element of surprise.  And, Quilty Boxes meet that objective.  But they are more than the contents of the box, my goal is to grow a community of creativity inspired by the monthly contents, to keep us inspired, creating, and sharing.  I want to let people know how diverse in technique and application quilting can be.

3. What kinds of things are typically found in a Box?
Each month contains items that revolve around a theme.  October's theme was Geometry and was inspired by all sorts of shapes and lines.  You can expect to find everything from fabric and notions to books and patterns, varied each month, along with a unique item each month to further inspire creativity.  Every month is different, there is no magical box formula.  And the contents of the box has a retail value far exceeding the cost.  October's box retail was about $60 and also includes exclusive discounts from some vendors.

4. What is your most favorite sewing tool?
Does my machine count?  I adore my Bernina, Big Bertha (or Bertie for short).  I love trying new tools and products, but my current favorite tool is my Gingher 45mm rotary cutter.  Just as nice to look at as my scissors, and cuts like butter.  My most used tool would be my seam ripper, and iron...I'm an obsessive presser.

5. What's the most favorite thing you've ever made?
I'm fickle.  Everything I make is my new favorite.  I made my mom a quilt with batiks in my own pattern, and I really love it.  I still haven't finished all the FMQ on it, but my mom is being patient.

6. How did you learn to sew?
Hand sew?  My Grandma Betty taught me simple stitches when I was quite young.  She wasn't a hobby sewist.  But, she could mend.  When she passed in 2005, I received her crocheting supplies, a hobby of hers.  Machine sewing has been within the past few years and the internet has been my teacher, plus trial and error!

7. What is on your sewing goal list? (Technique to master, pattern to make etc)
Geez... Finish my unfinished projects, plus a Super Tote by Noodlehead, a Swoon Quilt by ThimbleBlossoms Reverie Quilt by Rachel Griffith, finish my Autumn Sample from the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery, etc. And, I want to master Foundation Paper Piecing.  I also have ideas for some monochromatic quilts.

8. If you were a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, what part of the sandwich would you be and why?
Peanut butter!  A little crunchy, makes a mess, but you always count on it to hold the other parts together.  :-)


To get your very own subscription to Quilty Box-and there's more than one awesomely affordable option-click here and be sure to use the code "SCHNITZEL5" for a discount good through November 15.  AND!!  There are still a few October boxes (pictured throughout this post)!  To purchase one, send a request to info@quiltybox.com.


Thank you, Tabatha!  I love meeting members of our community and we love that you have been such a generous part of our first swap!

Quilty Box has very kindly offered up TWO boxes!  One for a random participant and one for "Most Unique".  Be sure to use our hashtags #schnitzelandboominiquiltswap and #makeaquiltmakeafriend and tag @schnitzelandboo as you ship out your Mini's!  Recipients, I encourage you to post pictures of your Mini's as they come in and be sure to tag me AND your partner.  This is how we will know if you have completed your end of the swap.  Only those that have sent their quilts will be entered to win a prize.  Stay tuned for more on our other prizes!

Happy Quilting!

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