Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Stitch That Stash: It's My Month!

I love Halloween.  I look forward to it all year long.  I LOVE when stores put their Halloween merchandise out, (although my husband's feelings on that is another story, ha ha.)  If it was up to me, I'd start decorating for Halloween on September 1st, but my he won't allow it until October 1st, (he knows I can't wait any longer than that.)  For 31 glorious days I get to deck out my house for my most favorite holiday ever.  So, for my month of Stitch That Stash, I have FINALLY decided on a quilt for my Bee mates to help me create so I can celebrate my favorite day all year long.  SQUEE! 

At first I was thinking of having everyone make Union Jack blocks:
photo from www.creativequiltgirl.com

 Then I thought, maybe a Cog & Wheel:
photo from www.quiltingismytherapy.com

Then I thought, well maybe a Star quilt, where everyone gets to make two different of whatever kind of stars they want in a certain color scheme, maybe something like this (minus the sashing and blue squares):
photo from www.pieceandquilt.com
 Because I was so indecisive, I asked my husband for his opinion, and I showed him the same pictures that I have posted here.  To my surprise, he suggested that I go with my fourth idea, a Halloween quilt.  "When are you ever going to get the chance again? To have your friends help make something that you've always wanted so close to your favorite month ever?" He was right, of course.  So here I am, asking you guys to create Halloween blocks for my month, kinda take a page out of Nicole's book.  Her Christmas In July blocks were so much fun to work on and I loved watching it come together through everyone else's Instagram and Flickr feeds.

 For my quilt, I'd love to stick to white, black, yellow, green, pink, orange, gray etc.  Not true orange, not true green...I think shades of green (split pea, apple, chartreuse) and shades of orange and pink etc.  I prefer a soft, cute version versus scary and bloody. Feel free to use whatever image that you like, jack-o-lanterns, witches, cats, Frankenstein, ghosts etc.  I, personally, love paper-pieced blocks, but have no preference for what you do.  Feel free to use whatever method that you would like.  I have pulled a few images from the web (HA!  Get it??  Web/spider/halloween?...anyway...) for your inspiration:

photo by www.justapost.com
photo by www.artisania.wordpress.com
Halloween Quilt Block
photo by www.kikiquilts.com

I don't have any preference on size or amount that you make.  I am leaving it entirely up to you.  And, by all means TAKE YOUR TIME!  I can hardly expect these blocks to hit my mailbox before October, no way.  Please take your time, I certainly took mine.  Life is busy, especially now that school is back in session.  Thank you all so much for letting me BEE a part of your quilts for the last 9 months.  This is the first bee I have participated in and it was truly a joy.  Have fun!

Happy Sewing!


  1. KRISTI! I cannot wait to do this. Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. I made a Halloween quilt last year and was kinda itching to do another Halloween project...thanks! I freaking love that Frankenstein block. Weee! This will be fun.

  2. What a great idea! It has been such fun to be in a bee with you. You are so talented! (And cray-cray on IG). I still laugh out loud about you telling the girl the fabric she asked about was "orange". Ok so no skeleton heads with blood dripping out of the ear hole...check!

  3. I'm really excited about this! Working on mine today!