Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mini Quilt Swap NEWS!

 (the end of the sign-ups)

Sign-ups for the first schnitzel & boo Mini Quilt swap is now over.  Thank you all for your interest and excitement, I am overwhelmed...160+ people signed up!  WOW!

So now, I take on the huge task of sorting you all.  Too bad I can't borrow the Sorting Hat from Hogwart's!  I'll be back later today with more info for you later today so sit tight! 

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Happy Sewing!


  1. Hi! Lady K, aka Karen here. Congrats on the big numbers! This is already a success because you had a great idea and there must have been a need for something like it out there. Please let me know if I can help in any way.

    1. Hey Karen! Can you believe those numbers? CRAZY! A friend told me two days ago that you usually have to be invited Flickr-Exclusive style to participate in something like this, I had no idea. I just know that there are tons of creative people out there that love doing this sort of thing, so why not just offer it up and see what happens? I plan to host several of these, I'm excited to see how it grows and evolves. I love this sewing and crafting community, I have seen and been a recipient of so much generosity and giving. I think that's half the reason that we create in the first place. So much joy is in the giving of it. :)

      I'm not sure yet what I might need help with, maybe an admin on Flickr? I'm still learning about it, so I could probably use help there. If I get stuck with the sorting, I'll send out an SOS signal ;) Thanks so much for the offer!

    2. Its because we like you and you gave us a uniqueness to the swap (matching based on answers) IMO. I can help, too, just let me know. Great numbers!

  2. Hey Hon! Well, just let me know. I think I already joined the Flickr group, like on the first day. LOL!