Thursday, February 28, 2013

Unicorns, Shoe Elves and the Energizer Bunny

If you know anything about me, you know that I have endless amounts of creative energy.  My mind is not settled unless it is wrapped up in a crafty project.  I do my best thinking at my sewing machine.  Sometimes, I have so many ideas and project needs (as in Need To Do to survive) that in order to get my head to focus and organize I need to be in the kitchen baking or cooking.  This is the reason that even though I am a pattern designer (and I swear you will have more patterns from me soon!) you will find a lot of recipes on here.  I love to cook, I love to bake, I love to be in the kitchen.

Apparently, my constant need to be busy combined with all of the different types of things that I like to do has made some people wonder if I am, in fact, superhuman.  My friends were having fun commenting back and forth on one of my Instagram photos which went as follows:

Kristan-"I am starting to wonder if you're actually the Energizer Bunny..."
Kris-"I swear I've told her the same thing!  She has nonstop energy.  She will probably bake a cake at 9pm!"
Lindsay-"You guys know she's a redhead, right?  And not the boxed kind.  She's made of unicorns and shoe elves.  Sleep isn't an option."

-And then since I wasn't responding (because I was in the kitchen) they continued with:
 Kris-"She is probably outside painting the exterior of her house and not reading our IG posts..."
Kristan-"And chopping down trees to whittle a new dining room table."

Well, I promise you that I am not the Energizer Bunny nor am I made of unicorns or shoe elves.  I love that my friends think I'm so magical and talented, though!  Whittling a new dining table?  WOW!  That would be pretty amazing...  The truth is, I just simply like to create.  My life's theme is Do It Yourself.  If I can do it, if it can be made, if it's going to look better, taste better, feel better then I'm just going to figure out how to do it myself.  There is something so very satisfying about having accomplished something for myself.  I challenge you to create something new this week.  What will it be?  Homemade tortillas?  A scrapbook?  Maybe start your seeds for a vegetable or herb garden?  Come back and tell me what you've done, I'd really love to hear about it!

Happy Creating!

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  1. <3 I love your energy! It really does motivate me. My little monster sometimes prevents me from acting on my creative urges, so I am trying to find things that I can do with him. Not a lot of options in sewing for a 2.5 year old, but I think perhaps we'll do some baking bread today! I will let you know. I'm sure you'll see it on IG. ;)