Thursday, January 03, 2013

One Good Deed: Pick Up the Tab.

Last night our garbage disposal quit working.  It pretends that it's grinding up the offal and swallowing it like it's supposed to, but as soon as it's turned off, it regurgitates everything back into the sink.  It's really gross.  My husband decided to try and fix it himself.  He took everything out from under the sink and discovered that the u-shaped pipe wasn't even sealed to the connecting pipes.  What's that all about?  So, he sealed it properly, wiggled and jiggled the garbage disposal components and then finally taped a plastic bag over the faucet with strict instructions that we couldn't use the sink for 24 hours while the sealant was setting.  Fine.  I can make coffee in the bathroom, no problem.  AND!  We can go out to dinner!  Yay!  (I'll take any excuse...)  

We went to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, not because the food is extremely fabulous or anything, but because they have the most incredible homemade flour tortillas that we affectionately call "fluffy pillows".  Seriously, these things are like 1/4" thick, chewy, warm and so darn fluffy.  I would happily weigh three times my weight just to eat them every day.  Yum, yum, yum.  When our server dropped off our check, I pulled out my wallet and paid the tab.  I didn't even think twice about it or all of the fabric I could've bought with the money.  Instead, I sat back satisfied that I was able to treat my family to a dinner out for once...take some of the responsibility from my husband, who usually pays.  It was nice to be able to do that for him.  He works so hard for us and I never really get the opportunity to pay our restaurant bill. 

I've been glancing through the book, and I'm trying to decide on an easy Good Deed for tomorrow.  One suggestion was to offer a glass of water to the meter maid, electrician or other service person that I come in contact with.  I have a feeling that will be the plumber...

Until tomorrow!

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