Thursday, February 09, 2012

Boo & A Heart of Gold

This is Boo.  Boo is a nightwatch dog.  Boo has also just recently become the happy companion of one very generous soul all the way across the country in Newport, Rhode Island.  He was sent off with thousands of hugs and lots of little kisses from The Roo who saw me make him and then bravely watched me pack him in a box to send to his new home.  I included a note to the buyer saying that he was coming to her with lots of love already attached because my little girl was going to miss him and wanted to make sure he was going to be happy where he was going.  I, however, had no doubts about Boo being happy because I'd already had several Etsy conversations with this very sweet lady about his creation process and other little conversational bits about life.  I already knew she was an especially kind person just by the emails she sent.  I remember thinking after reading every "convo" that everyone on this earth needs a person like her in their lives, that's how wonderful she was to converse with.  She was truly delightful!  Boo was going to be safe with her, for sure.

After receiving him, she wrote me the nicest message, saying that she was so touched by my my note that she wanted to know if it would be ok if she sent a gift for Roo.  I was pretty sure that she was worried that I might think her request was strange.  I didn't think it was odd.  In fact, I knew that she was a very generous soul, and her only wish was to give my child a gift of love in return.  How could I turn down such an amazing request?  I understand the need to give, my mother and I belong to The Toy Society because we really enjoy making toys just to give them away. 

Yesterday, a package arrived with my little girl's name on it (she was a little excited):

There were two tissue wrapped gifts inside:

You could say that she was one happy little girl!

She loves her new little sweater buddies and I am in awe of my new Etsy friend.  People never cease to amaze me, and to Julie I would like to say thank you, so much, from the very bottom of my heart.  Only every once in awhile does someone come along who restores your faith in humanity.  By bestowing this unbelievable act of generosity, you have given my sweet girl a priceless gift and have shown her early in life that people don't have too be your enemy, like so many others believe.  I am grateful to you for being an assistant in this life lesson.  I know that the world can be a scary place, but I am also trying to teach her that it can be a wonderful place, too.  It's all in how you live your life and how you deal with the obstacles in your path.  Life can either be an inspiring journey or it can be a miserable existence.  We choose our own path with the guidance of the people around us to help pave the way.  I have a feeling that The Roo's path is going to be a beautiful one.  Thank you for being a part of it, Julie!  I am so honored to have met you and I am grateful for your generosity and kind spirit.  My daughter will always know that there is a friendship worth discovering in every opportunity.  These two little sweater buddies will be a happy reminder. 

I hope you are able to find many blessings throughout your days!

"We loved because he first loved us."
John 4:19


  1. Gosh, this is so sweet! Such a nice little post that nearly made me cry. I truly believe if you do good...good will find you. Julie is very sweet, kind and thoughtful and how nice for your daughter to know that.
    Boo is absolutely adorable! Looking forward to many more exciting and new things with you!
    Good Luck & Best Wishes in Stitches
    xxx susie

    1. I'm so glad you liked this post, Susie! Thank you for taking the time to tell me so, I appreciate your kind words! It is a blessing to have such nice people come in to our daily lives, isn't it?
      Best wishes to you, too!