Thursday, December 08, 2011

Who Am I?

Why is it that the about me section is always so intimidating to write?  This is a part of my blog that I must have attempted about a thousand times with no success.  The other night, I was still perplexed and was wracking my brains about it when I went to bed.  I restlessly laid there, turning over and switching positions until at last I finally fell asleep.  About an hour later, at 2:00am, I woke up with an idea.  Immediately I got out of bed and practically ran down the hall to the living in room in search of pen and paper.    I had finally figured it out.  A LIST!!  I love lists! I write them constantly, I lose them even more frequently.  I write lists of my lists! I write lists to plan Thanksgiving dinner, then lists for the ingredients in the recipes that I'm using, then lists for the grocery aisle.  I go to the grocery store every Thanksgiving with no less than four lists.  I write lists to pack for a trip.  It's not that I'm that organized, believe me I'm not, it's just that lists help me get the job done, they help keep me on track, they remind me of all the thousands of things I have to do, want to do, should be doing, would rather be doing etc.  You get the idea.  

 Me and Remy October 2011

The best way for me to tell you about me is with an ever-growing, always changing, constantly evolving list.  I will be adding to it all the time, so be sure to come back and take a look.  Of course, if you can think of something to add to my list, leave me a comment or an email and I'll add it, with credit to you, of course.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!


PS Check out the about me section by clicking here or on the tab on the top of the page.


  1. You never, ever have to explain why you haven't blogged...look at that gorgeous child! Who could blog when that cutie pie is around being all beautifully distracting?! But it's great that you're blogging again! And making lists! I love lists as well!

  2. Your new 'about me' is perfect! I can't stand reading a whole chunk of writing about someone I've just 'met', I really can't be bothered! But your sweet little dot points are perfect to read through.

    I'm jealous of your sewing machines! I only have 3. Check out the sewing machine I found in a thrift store recently, I was so sad I couldn't afford it! It's in a recent blog post called A Day Out. It's bright green!

  3. WOW! 9 sewing machines?! I take my hat off to you sir!

  4. Love the list! Also jealous of the many sewing machines!

    The only thing I'd add would be pictures to your About me! Since I love seeing pictures of bloggy friends when I read their About Me's. Face to the blog and all that!