Saturday, March 05, 2011

The ABC's of Me

My friend Tammy of the infamous PuNk rAwK pUrL has a pretty cool blog.  Recently she decided to participate in the Love of Lists Challenge, which you can read about right here. While I'm a big fan of writing lists and an even bigger fan of challenges, I have a two year old, and a much bigger challenge of managing my blog as it is.  However, I loved her first list post so much that I decided to give her a little link love and do at least this one.  So, as inspired by The Knit Purl Gurl herself, here is an ABC's About Me:

 Some stuff about me... alphabetically:

A. Age: 33

B. Barefoot: I cannot sew with shoes on. 

C. Children: My sweet little Remy Paige, born January 26, 2009.  (And two little angel babies that didn't survive the pregnancy)

D. Dishes: The chore I do every day.  I desperately wish I had a dishwasher and am considering moving just to have one!

E. Every Day: I talk to my sister.

F. Fenway Frank: Our second miniature dachshund who is deaf and half blind.  He has a half sister, Schnitzel McPoo and a cousin (??) Oliver William.

G. Grandpa: is 76 years old and is still a long-haul truck driver!  HONK HONK!

H. Hair Color: red as can be since day one!

I. Ireland: the best vacation I ever had, which was also my honeymoon.  We spent 2 weeks traveling the country.

J. James: My ever patient husband.

K. Kentucky: My family has deep historical roots in the Cumberland Gap of Kentucky.  My 7x great Uncle, John Shell, was named as the World's Oldest Man in the Guinness Book of World Records.

L. Lion's Mane: What my hair looks like in the morning.  Scary, huh?

M. Married: March 11, 2008.

N. New York City: My hometown in 2001.  I am a firsthand 9/11 witness. 

O. Olives: I love 'em on my pizza!!

P. Pink: My favorite color.  So much so, that my husband bought me a pink diamond wedding band.

Q. Question: When are you going to have more children?  Answer: Never, so stop asking!

R. Remy: As in Jerry Remy, the baseball player we named our daughter after.

S. Sister: 15 months older than me, and we look nothing alike!

T. Tulip: My favorite flower!  Especially black tulips.

U. Unbelievable: I have an extra vertebrae in my spine.  Weird, huh?

V. Vera Wang: The designer of my wedding gown.

W. Worms: Is there an official term for a Worm-phobia because I definitely have one. 

X. X-tra Curricular Activity in High School: I was a cheerleader.  Stop laughing.

Y. Years I have been sewing: 28, can you believe that?

Z. Zipper: one of my favorite words of Remy's because she says "Ris-sah" and it's completely adorable. 

What are your ABC's? If you choose to do the same survey on your blog, link back here (and on Tammy's blog, too, since she started it!) – I would love to learn more about you!

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