Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sick Toddler

Today we have a sick toddler on our hands. Poor little Remy Roo has a temperature of 102*, the yucky-runny poos, body aches and trembles. I hate when my little sweetheart is feeling sick and this is the worst little bug she's caught to date. We have managed to get some yogurt and fresh blueberries into her for breakfast, but she has no appetite for anything else so far. Not even cookies or chocolate milk-milk (as Remy calls it). So, we've spent the morning reading books and attempting to watch Cinderella. I say attempt, because she doesn't ever watch TV, therefore, it doesn't hold her attention at all. I am really hoping that she'll feel better soon, it's heartbreaking to watch her have no energy and look so miserable. At least Jamie has the next two days off with us and can help snuggle the sickie and get her back to her usual bouncy self.

Here's to hoping the flu doesn't catch up with all of you.

PS Here is Remy playing on her new tricycle, a picture we took of her last week.


  1. awwww!!! poor little Roo! I am sad to hear she is feeling so bad!! Having the sickies like that has got to be just miserable on her :(

    I hope she is back to feeling better VERY soon!! sending many hugs & kisses just for the Roo!! :)

  2. by the way, its me Rene', in case you were confused, I forgot that my gmail account has my first name attached to it, lol! anywho, sending even more get well wishes for the Roo :):):)

  3. When she is feeling better... tell her that Auntie Tammy wants to trade hats with her!