Saturday, January 22, 2011

Covered E-Reader Carrying Case

So, I'm thinking about entering the Simply ReMarthable Contest being put on by Martha Stewart. I have something really cool up my sleeve for it that I'm not quite ready to share with you yet. But, I needed to come up with a pattern for my secret project and it worked out so well that I have decided to share it with all of you! (Not the secret part, just my pattern.)

For Christmas, my husband and I gave my mom an Amazon Kindle and a nice red leather protective case to go with it (which totally matches her Harley Davidson Deluxe, by the way). My sister even crocheted her a gorgeous little green envelope-style purse to slip it into. Even though she already had this pretty little handmade purse for it, I still wanted to make a carrying case for her. It was just the type of thing that would work perfectly for this contest and I needed to come up with a pattern for it. So, I sat down, while Remy had her nap, and got it all figured out. I am pretty darn proud to say that I managed to get it right on the very first try!! So, here you go! Set aside about 2 hours from start-to-finish for this project. This is my pattern for...

(Made to fit a covered Kindle or Nook)


3 Coordinating Fabrics, 1/4 yard of each
1/4 yard fleece
1 9" Zipper

Here's What You Do...
You will need to decide which of your fabrics will be the Outside, Inside and the Accessory pocket
-The Accessory Pocket fabric will also be the Outside Pocket Lining.
-The Kindle Pocket will also be the Outside fabric.


Cut your fabric as follows:
Outside (Fabric #1): 19"x8"
Inside (Fabric #2): 18"x8"
Outside Pocket Lining (Fabric #3): 18"x8"
Kindle Pocket (Fabric #1): 8"x8"
Accessory Pocket (Fabric #3): 6"x8"

You will also need to cut the same dimensions from fleece for the Inside, Kindle Pocket and Accessory Pocket.


1) With right sides together, sew the accessory pocket fabric to the accessory pocket fleece across the top using a 1/4" seam allowance. Turn pocket right side out, press and topstitch across the top using a 1/2" seam allowance.

2) Baste sides and bottom of accessory pocket with a 1/4" seam allowance; set aside.

3) Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the Kindle Pocket.

4) Next lay your Outside Pocket Lining right side down. Lay your fleece on top, matching all edges. Lay the Inside right side up on top of the fleece, matching edges. Pin in place and baste all the way around with a 1/4" seam allowance.

5) With Lining face up, match the Kindle Pocket with the bottom of the lining. Match the Accessory Pocket in the same way and pin in place. Baste sides and bottom of pocket pieces to Lining piece and set aside.

6) Now you are going to add a zipper to the Outside. Starting at the bottom, measure 7" up and cut across. Your zipper is 9" long and your fabric is 8" wide, so you will have a bit of overhang. I lined the butt of the zipper up with the edge of my fabric, and pinned it with the zipper face down on the right side of the fabric. Sew with a zipper foot; press open. Lay the other half of your fabric on the other half of the zipper, right side down and matching long edges of fabric pieces. Pin in place, sew and press. Top-stitch the zipper seam. Set Outside piece aside.


7) With right sides together, match the Outside to the Lining and sew with a 1/2" seam allowance all the way around. Clip corners, turn and press. (It is important to leave the zipper open for this step because you will need to use it to turn the case right side out.)
You might have to trim off an inch or so of excess fabric from the Outside piece. The above picture does NOT show the layout, it is just an example for marking where to trim the Outside piece.

8) To make the fold-over line, measure 9 1/2" up from the bottom of the case and sew a straight line across.

9) Center and sew the buttonhole on the Outside flap, approximately 1" up from the edge.

10) Center and sew the button to the Accessory Pocket approximately 2" up from the bottom edge.

You are finished! Wasn't that easy? Now, to save your money to gift everyone you know an E-Reader so you can make them a nifty carrying case. You'll be everyone's best friend!

If you make a case, please come back and post a picture in the comment section, I'd love to see your completed project! Don’t forget the Link Love if you post or blog about this. Thanks and Happy Sewing!


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  1. that's awesome! I got a Kindle for my birthday in Oct. Now I wish I sewed better hehehe. Looks great!

  2. I like how it turned out :) She'll have a case for every day of the week pretty soon!

  3. a very well written tutorial! wish I lived close enough to get first hand zipper lessons w/ you!