Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year's Resolutions!

We've been given an opportunity by the fantastic ladies at launchHER to gift one of our products to a soon-to-be-mama celebrity. When we sat down to figure out which one of our items was the most suitable, we couldn't really come up with anything that wasn't truly knock-your-socks-off amazing, at least for this particular project. That's not to say that we aren't proud of our work and love every item that we have to offer, but we felt that we needed something completely unique to gift that would catch this fabulous new mom's eye. Something that not everyone else would be giving, and would be something that would be kept and not donated within five minutes of receiving it.

So, we have a brilliant plan! YAY! Even though we can't tell you what our exciting new product is just yet, we can, however, share a few of our New Year's Resolutions for 2011 with you.

You probably noticed that this is only our 5th or 6th blog post. I know, lame, right? But, starting RIGHT NOW, we will be posting on a regular basis with features and guest posts from some of our very favorite people and Etsy artists, tutorials, and other things that we feel like telling you all about over the next twelve months. That's a pretty good start, right?

Our number one priority is to finish our website. That's pretty much an oxy-moron, right? A website is never finished, I know, but ours is especially unfinished at the moment. We still have some descriptions that need to be written and a few pictures to put up. The work of a small business owner is never done, is it? Once we get our new product developed and finalized, it will be put up on our site as well and will most likely become our signature item. I, seriously, cannot wait to show you guys! It is going to completely change the product line of S&B!

We're also going to be lining up a few shows this year, as well as a few more boutiques. 2011 is the year that Schnitzel & Boo develops into the vision that I had imagined way back in 2007. That's nearly four years of poking around being way too passive.

Some other things on the list:
-Get to 500 Twitter followers by Spring
-Be more diligent about our facebook page
-Fix the banner in our Etsy shop (don't look now, it's awful!)
-Find better wholesale info for our supplies
-List an item on Etsy at least twice a week

I am thankful to have my mother for a business partner. Without her, this little biz would have died a slow death a couple of years ago, and that would have been sad. We have so many great things in store (ha!! Get it? In store? Well, I thought it was funny.) for this coming new year. It's going to be hard to not be busy. With luck and determination, this time next year, I'll be happily blogging about all of our great adventures and happy successes over the year. Here's to all of our proud accomplishments to come. Happy New Year!


  1. YAY! looking forward to seeing all the changes! & how exciting it would be to have S & B in an Oakland boutique!

  2. calliwoman@twitter.comDecember 29, 2010 at 9:08 PM

    Sounds like a great plan. I wish you nothing but success. I think you have wonderful products and see no reason you can't reach all your goals.