Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Update: Ribbon Chaise

You know what's funny? Ok, not funny. The day after I posted about Mack and my love for my Peerless Super Deluxe, I blew the motor in the Peerless. And when I say "blew the motor", I mean that it started spewing flames and sparks from the front right corner AS I WAS SEWING. Um. Yeah...

Fortunately, I was the only one home so Roo didn't have to see that. She's pretty terrified of fire so you can imagine how that might've been traumatic for her. 

Now I'm the one who is traumatized, I'm without a machine to sew on! Mom still has Mack and even if he was here I'm not sure I could use him, he's that pretty. I've been occupying my time by cutting projects that are on the list and taking care of computer work. Dreaded computer work, I hate it. We ordered a new motor which should be here on Monday, YIPPEE! 

{heavenly pile of Renaissance Ribbons!}

Today I started working on putting together the ribbon fabric for that Victorian chaise I sanded and sealed last month. This is going to be so gorgeous. 

{the layout}

I've made several projects using ribbon and have developed a technique to make my own fabric. First I arrange the ribbon however I happen to like it. I like to mix color and pattern and I'm not afraid to put something unexpected or just slightly off into the line up. If there's enough color involved, it will make sense in the long run.

{supplies for making ribbon fabric}

{in progress}

Start by carefully applying a thin line of glue along the edge of the ribbon; press other ribbon in place making sure you are even all the way down. I'm working with about 9-10' of 39 different ribbons for this particular project. I am really happy with the way it's turning out so far!

 My table isn't long enough so I have to pull the fabric off the edge of the table and glue in sections. My back started to hurt, so I decided to take a break and finish tomorrow. My friend Angela, who hijacked my blog a couple months ago, is coming tomorrow to sew,  I think I'll finish gluing it then. 

So tell me, please...what's the coolest project you've worked on?

Happy gluing!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fleetwood Mac? Huh?

No, not the Rumours band. The sewing machine! Let me explain...

My mom is going to a family wedding this weekend and she asked me to watch her dog, Oliver. I LOVE Ollie so of course I said I would. She brought him down on Friday night and stayed over so we could get up and go antiquing on Saturday. 

(Say hello to my li'l friend)

If you've read the silly little "About Me" page, you know that I collect sewing machines. It's something that I've been doing, here and there, since I graduated from high school. I now have 14 machines, half of which are still in our storage unit in Seattle.

Typically, it's only the black machines that I have an eye for, unless there's one that happens to be really spectacular. Like, for example, the one we found at an antique store's "Estate Sale" section where every price is negotiable:

Twenty bucks! What a deal, huh? Don't forget I was with my mom and everything was negotiable. She talked him down to ten dollars. TEN FREAKING DOLLARS! Want a better look? Of course you do!

This machine, aside from the color, is exactly what I sew on now. I have an almost 100 year old Peerless Super Deluxe that I love. It's my every day sewer. 

When I lifted the lid of this machine's cabinet, I fully expected to see a mid-century beige Singer. I was shocked to find a machine in such pristine shape. It looks like a brand new car. (Except from the 50s.) I don't even think it's ever been used. There's not a single scratch on the paint, no marks on the sewing area and the needle plate is as shiny as a mirror.

Isn't it divine?

Mom took it back up to Tennessee with her so my uncle could give it a tune-up and a thorough cleaning. I can hardly stand the wait! I wish they were back from that wedding right now so I could sew on this! 

I posted a picture of it on Instagram and my sister jokingly suggested that I name it "Mack". Right now I have Nina (1941 Singer 99), Mr. Gray (1922 GrayBar), Mr. Belvedere/aka "The Avocado Dream (early 60s Belvedere-Adler), and Dyna the ever-so-bitchin "Jeans Machine" (early 90s White) So, there you have it. Welcome to the family, Fleetwood Mack. 

Happy thrifting!

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Pattern Review and a Giveaway!

Do you know what happens here next week? I'll give you a hint...actually no I won't, I'll just come right out and tell you.



I know exactly what you're thinking: it's August. Four days from now is still only August. Not August 30 or even August 21. Nope. Four days from now it's August 6. And school starts. 


Anyway, we're very excited because we found Roo an excellent new Montessori school to attend. It's even AMI certified (bonus!) and she's actually excited to go back. Whew! She hasn't been back since November, so I think we're all ready for the return of a daily routine and dependable activity.

To help celebrate this exciting new venture, I made Roo a new lunchbag. Virginia of Gingercake Sews sent me a note and asked if I'd like to try out one of her cute lunch bag patterns. The funny thing is, I've had her patterns "favorited" on my Etsy account for quite some time. I knew exactly which bag I wanted to make when she said "Pick your favorite!" I wrote back immediately and said "Waste-Free Lunchbag, please!"

It has a 3 1/2" base, nice and wide for packing a sandwich container, apple, water bottle and snack container without squishing anything or making it difficult to close. 

It was easy to sew, the directions were clear and not difficult to follow. I really like the divider and how simple it was to do. 

There are two sturdy handles, just the right size for small hands, and a nice wide tab with Velcro closure.

There's even an inside pocket to stash your napkin and utensils.

The bag is interfaced and lined with Insulbrite, a special material that reflects cold or heat, making your food stay cool or warm (although, I still use an ice pack when I pack her lunch). 

I'm going to make a second one for my mom, she has a brand new job and I think that's worthy of a new lunch bag! 

(Or maybe I just really love this pattern and want an excuse to make another!)

The cool thing is, all Gingercake lunchbag patterns are on sale through August 9-you know, three days after Roo starts school, (what the heck?)

Would you like a chance to win one? Of course you would!

It's so easy, just head on over to the Gingercake etsy shop ( and take a look around. Come back here and tell me which lunchbag pattern is your favorite and you'll be in the drawing hat! For an extra entry, share a picture of your favorite on Instagram with the hashtag "#gingercakepatterns" and be sure to tag us both, @schnitzelandboo and @gingercakesews. Easy stuff, right? Contest ends August 9, winner to be announced on August 10. Yay! That will give you plenty of time to make a new lunchbag for the back-to-schooler in your life. Assuming, of course, you go back in September. 

Happy sewing!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Venture: The Plaid Shirt Co.

You've probably heard me talk about my super-talented friend Drew. He's a woodworker here in the Atlanta area that can make pretty much anything you ask him to. "Just sketch something for me to look at," he says. Sometimes I just throw ideas at him and a lot of times he tosses a completed project back at me. For example:

A yardstick arrow, wall chevrons and a yardstick accented notions box. I made small suggestions for them and he put them together. Before I knew it, we had an Etsy shop with these ideas in it! How fun!

We decided to put our heads together and come up with a little quilty-woody business venture together. Please take a look around, tell us if you like what you see and make product suggestions if you think of something! I'm most excited about this:

I want at least 10 of these in my sewing room! 

He does beautiful work, doesn't he? 

Keep an eye out on Instagram! You can follow us: @theplaidshirtco to see what we've got up our sleeves! 

See you around!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Real Farmers Market!

(A man plows his field behind four horses)

I've taken a couple days off of "work" to visit my mom in Tennessee. Today we went to a Mennonite community to visit their farm market. I have never been to a community like this, but have heard of them, of course. I wasn't really sure what to expect, although I had an idea of what we might see.

(Fields as far as you can see.)

The farm is about 40 minutes from my mom's house, all gorgeous country scenery. Just exactly what you picture when you think of Tennessee.

I knew we were getting close to the Mennonite community when we saw this house:

All logs and stone, very old fashioned looking. It was pretty cool. It wasn't very far down the road from our turn-off:
Needle Eye Lane! I want to live on a Needle Eye Lane! I had to jump out and take a picture, of course. Aren't you glad I did? Haha...

Anyway, we pulled down a narrow country lane and meandered back about a half mile until we came to the market. 

Inside were yellow watermelons, tomatoes of all varieties, red potatoes, baking and yellow potatoes, yams, beets, lettuce, sugar loaf cantaloupe etc etc etc. I took some pictures for you:

The white onions were HUGE! I'd say almost as big as a soccer ball. I grew onions once, they were barely bigger than a golf ball. Fail.

Beets, yummy!

Potatoes on one side, tomatoes on the other.

Patty Pan Squash-so good sautéed in butter and garlic!

Green beans

Big beautiful heads of lettuce. GIGANTIC!

The biggest zucchini I've ever seen.

We even bought four cinnamon rolls, hot out of the oven. We'll eat those for breakfast tomorrow. (I can't wait!) Roo wanted to go outside and pet the horses. On the way, we stopped to test out the water pump.
(Can you see the visitor in this picture?)

A few steps away was Tony, a very social and friendly horse owned by Eileen:

Roo desperately wanted to ride Tony. Lucky for her, Eileen had a delivery to make and offered to take Roo along.
(Very exciting stuff!)

Afterwards, we stopped by the animal barn to see what they had inside. We thought maybe we'd get to see a chicken or two.
Better yet, there were bunnies!

And puppies,

And ducklings,

And pigs.

It was the perfect way to spend the morning. I'm looking forward to coming back, maybe a little closer to fall when maybe they'll have pumpkins or yellow onions or sweet peas. Roo would like to go back and get that bunny!

Tomorrow it's back home and back to my sewing machine. After all, I have a whole slew of Potty Mouth Pouches to complete!

Until next time!